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The Top 6 Most Expensive Collectible Dolls

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 Here is a list of the most expensive dolls and related toysavailable today. On the off chance that you can stand to go overboard this way,recollect that while these things might seem as though kids' toys, most arecollectibles and ought to subsequently be put away securely away fromenthusiastic little hands, which could undoubtedly harm them. Things like theseought to be painstakingly shown to protect their worth and excellence.

 Most young girls love playing with dolls, and many young boys appreciate activity figures and toys that challenge their creative mind.

1. Ghostface Doll

Not all dolls are sensitive, lovely easily overlookeddetails and not all are intended for small kids, all things considered. Afamous rap bunch called Wu Tang Group showcases an activity figure called TheGhostface Doll, which is only 9 inches tall and wears a red-velvet robe and aYankees cap.


2. Cinemaquettes

Boys who love activity pressed motion pictures might beenamored by a line of dolls that are classified "Cinemaquettes" anddepend on characters from probably the most well known titles. A portion of thenew figures incorporate the Guardian and the Hunter.


3. Diamond Teddy Bear

Most children today own no less than one cuddly teddy bear,yet odds are these toys can't measure up to a restricted release bear that wasmade by a German organization to praise the 125th anniversary of the teddybear.


4. "Barbie" 

 This Barbie doll was made by StefanoCanturi in 2010 for a foundation closeout. The doll includes a jewel neckbandthat has a 1-carat pink precious stone at the middle, and the actual doll iswearing a dark strapless night outfit.


5. The  QueenElizabeth II Crowning liturgy Doll

This doll was made by MadameAlexander in 1953 to remember Sovereign Elizabeth II's royal celebration. Thedoll is wearing a copy of the sovereign's royal celebration outfit, and itaccompanies a smaller than usual crown and staff.


6. "Maggie, Made to Move" Barbie 

This Barbie dollwas made in 2012 by Mattel for a foundation closeout. The doll is wearing acustom outfit by style creator Christian Louboutin

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The Top 6 Most Expensive Collectible Dolls