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What words did you misuse or mispronounce when you were a kid?

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English can get truly dangerous with regards to public talking, since it's packed with such countless words that practically we all have attempted to articulate somewhere around more than once.

As authors of a few punctuation books, we've heard many words misspoke throughout the long term. (Admission: We've even done it without anyone else's help!)

Here are probably the most widely recognized ones, alongside the correct method for articulating them:

1. Anyway

For what reason is this simple word here? Since a disturbing number of individuals assume there is an "s" toward the end. "At any rate," they say. "At any rate, I planned to say it accurately."

No, it's anyWAY. Also, whichever way you articulate it, there's positively no "s."

2. Principle

A principle (with one "n") is an essential conviction, and an occupant (with a second "n") is somebody who leases a condo or house from a property manager. In that lies the disarray.

We've even heard it from previous president Barack Obama during a discourse he gave in August, when he said "the essential precepts of our majority rules system" — and tossed in an extra "n" to express occupant rather than fundamental.

3. Officer

This irritating word — alluding to an administration level position managing bookkeeping and monetary detailing — has been irritating individuals since the mid 1500s.

Regardless of its spelling, it's in fact articulated without the "p" and with an "n" rather than an "m." Why the strange spelling? Quite some time ago, it got mistaken for a French word "compte," and that implies account.

4. Deathblow

This is a French expression, significance killing blow, or in a real sense "a stroke of effortlessness" by finally giving foes some closure by killing them. It moved into English alongside a terrible error.

Many individuals articulate it as "coo-de-gra," perhaps on the grounds that leaving out the last "s" some way or another sounds more French. However, in the event that you say it along these lines, you're in a real sense saying a "stroke of fat."

5. Discretionary

We've all known about the Electoral College, that awkward course of picking the President. Be that as it may, not in the least do large numbers of us not comprehend how it functions, we don't for a moment even articulate it accurately.

In case it wasn't already obvious, the highlight is on the subsequent syllable, not the third. So it's "ee-LECK-peak al," not "ee-leck-TOR-al," and generally certainly not "ee-leck-TOR-ee-al" — which we've likewise heard.

6. Poetic exaggeration

Poetic overstatement implies overabundance or embellishment, and we're not being exaggerated when we say that many individuals, including previous Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, articulate the word as it's spelled: "Hyper-bowl."

Be that as it may, this word comes from the antiquated Greek, and the last "e" is articulated like "Penelope" (and like another precarious "e"- finishing word, "exemplification" — which is "epi-tuh-mee," not "epp-I-toam").

7. Naughty

Many individuals articulate this with an additional syllable — "mis-CHEE-vee-ee-us" — and even toss in an extra "I" when they spell it ("mischievious"). This misstep goes as far back as the sixteenth hundred years, a significant number of us actually haven't learned.

8. Ophthalmologist

It's not "operation," as in "optic." It's "oph," articulated with an "f" — from the from the Greek word "ophthalmos" (the eye). Then there's the trickier issue: There are two "l" letters in "ophthalmologist," which many individuals don't have any idea. In any case, just sit back and relax, you don't need to articulate it.

9. Renowned

Renowned means having distinction or being regarded, however an excessive number of individuals shame this word by articulating the first "I" in the word as "ee". Yet, that "I" ought to be articulated as a short "I," and the second "I" ought to be omitted or skimmed over, not stressed.

This makes the favored articulation "pre-sti-jus," not "pre-stee-jus" or, surprisingly more terrible, "pre-stee-well us."

10. Prostrate

This word is frequently misspoke without an "r," since it's generally mistaken for "prostate." For the record, prostrate with two "r" letters implies lying face down, and prostate with one "r" alludes to a male organ.

11. Quay

Quays are stages worked close to waterways, utilized for stacking and dumping cargo or travelers. Taking a gander at the word, it's not difficult to perceive the number of individuals that erroneously articulate it as "kway." But it's constantly articulated "kee."

Why the odd spelling? To spare the gritty details, the word came into English from the French, and got an incomplete French spelling and a halfway French elocution.

12. Segue

Oppose the compulsion to articulate this as "seg-u." Segue, and that means to lead starting with one thing then onto the next immediately, is articulated very much like the Segway, a mechanized two-wheel vehicle that came out years and years prior.

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What words did you misuse or mispronounce when you were a kid?